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    The Secret to Alignment for Business Owners​

    Hey Boss - I have a big secret to share with you guys!


    My word for the year has been ABUNDANCE, so I am obsessed with discovering all the ways to manifest it in everything I do. Alignment is key to feeling balanced and like you're on the right path towards success. Without it, we might wonder WHY we even started something to begin with. Staying focused, passionate, and confident in a new business idea or plan is easier said than done, so I wanted to create a system to promote a more positive attitude. From comparing ourselves to others to just simply lacking clarity, these things can be major distractions that stop us long before we can really get started. In this episode I share my Four A's for Alignment to encourage the right attitude and lifestyle to win at life. I share clips from the live recording: The Boho Boss Retreat, and you get to hear from other women starting new businesses and finding their way. Check it out and learn more at thebohobusinessguide.com.


    Stay Bossy, Olamide Michelle

    Success is REAL but so is Stress Pt. 1

    Therapy has become less taboo, but if you are still on the fence or don't know what to expect I have something for you! I invited a licensed therapist and friend to share her background and give you some insight on what to expect in therapy. Rachel and I are both entrepreneurs, so we both know how tough the journey can be. On this journey towards success we will experience a ton of stress triggers and it is important to manage them appropriately. I personally love to balance my time alone and with others, listen to music or do something creative, and travel as much as possible.


    Don't be afraid to say no, put yourself first, and start investing in your mental health and wellbeing. If you want to learn more about this episode's guest, head over to her website. You can also follow Rachel Butler on Instagram.

    Also... For all my Atlanta Boss Babes, be sure to check out Power Suit Project. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to the personal and professional advancement of women.

    Do it Anyway. No more excuses!

    First episode on the first step for making anything a reality! Your thoughts become things and the way we see ourselves is everything. Are you ready to take the steps towards making your dreams a reality, or are you set on believing your own excuses? I share an interesting conversation with my client surrounding the concept of being a “doer”. We all want to be great - make moves + make money! But the one thing holding us back is usually US. Special shout out to HSTL UP Mastermind Podcast, Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, and of course Nike - because “just do it”!


    Check out hstlup.com and charliespeaks.com for more. Please keep the family of Elijah Divine in your thoughts. A young leader who inspired everyone around him to live fully. “Our lives are not in years lived but in beautiful moments experienced and created”


    - Olamide Michelle

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