• The Boho Boss Academy

    Step into CEO Mode and become a new kind of Entrepreneur this year.


    Increase Your

    Sales, Confidence and Clarity!


    This course is for you if you are:

    • A service based entrepreneur looking to grow as a Virtual Boss.
    • Tired of making little to no progress with building your brand
    • Seeking balance and ready to start building wealth all while discovering how to love what you do and how you live

    Get started today with Business Coach and Brand Attorney, Olamide Michelle.

  • What's this course all about?

    Just A Glimpse of What You Get from The Academy


    The Roadmap

    Step by Step Guidance

    Weekly Journal Prompts

    Accountability Check Ups

    Intensive Strategy Sessions



    Templates + Tools

    Create Content that Coverts

    Crush Your Sales Calls

    Email Templates + Posts

    Access Legal Docs + Tools


    Support + Community

    1:1 Sessions

    24/7 Messenger Access

    Group Calls with Dynamic Bosses

    Access to Membership Portal

  • So Ready to Stop Going in Circles

    I am ready to take my business seriously with customized strategy and everything I need to build my brand.

  • What She Said

    Client Gems

    Anna Jones

    Digital Content Creator

    “Michelle is a gem to work with, whether it’s on consulting or legal matters. Talking to her feels like I’m speaking with a best friend who can break down processes efficiently and in layman’s terms. I feel more informed after speaking with her, every time, and would be COMPLETELY lost without her!”

    Wednesday Bluz

    Painter + Artisan

    "When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, it's difficult to take the steps forward without knowing which steps to take. Michelle does an INCREDIBLE job of breaking down the necessary mindset. She gets the right conversations going that are needed to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. I find it difficult to stay on track and am constantly bouncing around with ideas and concepts. Michelle effortlessly manages to tie all of my ideas together for an amazing strategy!"

    Lisa Weltsch

    Graphic Design + Creative Director

    “I'm so excited to work with Olamide Michelle on our current project. I needed her to help us redefine and restructure our brand, and help us transition from offering a broad overarching list of B2C creative services, to zeroing in on our marketing service packages. I'm impressed in how organized and focused Michelle is, with clear goals, objectives and tasks with timelines, in order for us to stay on track for success."

  • Your Guide + Mentor

    Olamide Michelle

    I get what it feels like to feel stuck, lost and unfulfilled. It's time to shed that era and start SHOWING UP and LIVING UP to your potential!


    The BOHO Method is at the core of my business mentorship and how I found success within the first year of being a full time entrepreneur. Pay off debt or finally travel the world. This proven method helps you find BALANCE + ABUNDANCE as a new business owner.


    Your first year (or third or fifth) can be an incredible success as well. It doesn't have to be messy!


    Stop losing money and time. Let me show you the way.


  • Keep Going

    Many People Fail Because They do not Finish

    Olamide Michelle

  • The Boho Boss Academy

    What to Expect As a Boho Boss

    Stop Floating. Start Flying

    Want a roadmap but don't want the information overload?

    I will share proven steps for success without all the extra fluff.

    Straight forward guidance plus quality focus for real growth as an entrepreneur

    Social Media Apps, Tutorials, and Systems

    Get organized and reduce the guess work!

    Become an automation pro and tech boss. I'll break down everything you need to know.

    Crush social media goals and seriously grow your brand online

    Discover Your Superpower

    We will break down the essence of your niche and brand identity

    Turn your followers into paying clients without feeling "salesy"

    Grow as an authentic and aligned boss online

    Legal Templates and Business Contracts

    Not your basic business coach here!

    I'm sharing my legal tools for limiting liability and setting up a solid legal foundation

    Protect your IP and your business assets

  • You Have Way More Power Than You Know

    It's time to make the Discovery

    Olamide Michelle

  • Imagine Feeling Clear + Confident about Your Business Dreams

    Schedule a private complimentary call with Olamide Michelle to learn more.

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