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    Utilizing professional-level contract templates and tools saves business owners time and money! Start protecting your brand and operating like a pro with one of our customizable templates.

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    A clear brand identity coupled with the right strategy sets the stage for monetized marketing, scalable sales, and so much abundance. Access this level of clarity by working directly with a branding expert.

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    From monthly guided meditations to strategic business tutorials, the podcast is a one-stop shop for holistic business guidance. You can expect topics on wealth, wellness, and wonder.

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  • What Is A Boho Business?

    The Boho Business Guide® Mission

    Nurturing The Need For Balance

    Starting a business is much more difficult than your favorite blogger may have led you to believe. Sure, you need a business and marketing plan. You might also need to secure funding, an office, or hire a virtual assistant. But after the launch and potentially going viral on TikTok... then what? How do you build and sustain a business? How will you maintain your own personal life and sanity?


    This is where we come in. A boho business is rooted in unique and unconventional approaches that best suit the personal brand behind any business. We create support, tools, and creative resources to help you build a sustainable and fulfilling business while remembering to speak to the dynamic business person that you are.


    Created by artist turned attorney, The Boho Business Guide® is designed to make business wealthy and abundant in more ways than one! Explore our tools to save time and money and start leaning into the fun parts of creating your empire. Whether it's our latest podcast episode or an intentional business event, we can't wait to share more with you soon!

  • Meet Our Founder

    Olamide Michelle is a licensed attorney, PR + sales professional, and full-time entrepreneur. She has dedicated her dynamic background to make an impact while helping those who seek to build a fulfilling life and career.

  • From Boho Business Clients

    real reviews from real bosses like you

    Vanessa | Content + Social Media

    I feel more confident speaking to clients and know my value when presenting prices. I wanted to have consistency in having clients before joining the academy and I was able to achieve that goal!

    Heather | Healthcare + Wellness

    Olamide Michelle is an amazing business coach who has helped me take my entrepreneurial skills to the absolute next level. From the business modules, the pep talks, and the community, I couldn't be more thankful.

    Ubani | Advocacy + Consulting 

    Olamide helped me so much this year! I'm so grateful. She is so encouraging and guided me to step out of my comfort zone and leas so much about myself as a business owner.

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