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    PERSONiFIED - The Mastermind

    Don't Just Start a Business. Leverage a Brand With Roots!

  • The holistic business experience you've been looking for!

    PERSONiFIED is a hybrid business program designed to give you flexibility with self-paced lessons and accountability to ensure you actually make the most of your investment. For those feeling disconnected from their vision or simply excited to step into a much more elevated entrepreneurial experience, this community-centered mastermind is for you. Lean into your personal story that scales. Build a sustainable brand module and embody the power behind being a personal brand builder! ENROLL TODAY

  • Stand-Out Storytelling That Sells

    A BUSINESS can sell a product but BRANDS can build a community, tell a story, and expand through products and services!

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    Course + Coaching

    Don't waste time googling the ins and outs of starting a business, but learn from someone who's done the trial and error for you instead. Each module is based on high-level systems that work and business principles that scale. Gain access to both personalized coaching and six curated business modules with supporting guides when you join PERSONiFIED!

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    Community Focused

    They say if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together! Boho courses are all about making quality strides for a real impact in your personal and professional journey. Create a business with a sense of community backing you - learning from and cheering on others. Just because you've launched a brand on your own doesn't mean your business journey has to feel lonely.

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    Total Transformation

    It's crazy what you can accomplish in 12 weeks. The course is designed to be completed in 90 days, but you can lean on your community and coach all year round! A past client was able to land a five-figure coaching client after the first call! Others found the clarity they needed to attract three times the amount of followers in just 6 weeks. How will you transform?

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  • Check Out What Students Have To Say

    Dynamic Business Leaders Building Personal Brands

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    Yoga + Wellness

    She really makes everything so clear and gives her clients so much structure and confidence in their business. Plus, I love that he has no issue giving you a little push to succeed!

    - Busola

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    Creative Director

    I love working with Olamide, and she exceeded my expectations. She has diverse expertise and experience, and her instincts and knowledge helped me cut through the noise to arrive at clear and executable decisions for my start-up. It's like having a business partner on your team...

    - Sybil

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    SEO + Marketing

    The perfect environment for my rebrand as a new entrepreneur. Full of expert advice and I felt supported by other professionals doing the same thing. If you are looking for accountability, this is the program for you!

    - Julia

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    Quarterly or Year Round

    Access the full course and coaching for 90 days, then continue on for as long as you need. PERSONiFIED products unique opportunities to add on or renew group coaching access for that extra support you make seek for accountability, guidance, and structure. We are waiting to welcome you to the group!

  • FAQs

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  • More From Former Clients + Students

    Join The Community Today!

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    Human Design

    I feel more confident speaking to clients and knowing my value when presenting prices. I wanted to have consistency in having clients before joining the academy and I was able to achieve that goal!

    - Vanessa

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    Physician + Coach

    Because of our work together, I grew my practie, attracted high paying clients, and found my voice within marketing. Now I continue to use these new skills even after working with Olamide

    - Kara

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    Lawyer + Consultant

    Olamide helped me so much this year! I'm so grateful. She is so encouraging and guided me to step out of my comfort zone and leas so much about myself as a business owner.

    - Ubani

  • A Guided Path To Success

    Take a look at the PERSONiFIED Experience



    Kick off the program by outlining clear goals and pinpointing major areas for growth in your business! Get answers to your most important questions and set yourself up for an amazing experience in the community. All new members will be able to schedule their private one-to-one call with Olamide once enrolled.



    The course consists of six self-paced course modules

    supported by easy-to-implement business guides and checklists. Complete in 12 weeks or take as much time as you need. The course work covers building a strong brand identity, selling through storytelling, and legally protecting your digital empire.



    PERSONiFIED includes

    bi-monthly (60-minute) group coaching calls. That's two calls per month and a private group chat to bring your questions, promotions, and wins to share with the group! Each call will be available on replay. Get excited to grow in a new and supported way.

  • Enroll With Three Installments

    Make THREE payments of $1100 with our affordable payment plan option!

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    Meet Your Mentor

    Olamide Michelle is a licensed attorney and experienced business consultant currently based in NYC. Growing up as a first-generation Nigerian American to parents who later discovered the power of entrepreneurship, her passions started at an early age. With professional and academic training in Public Relations, Fashion, + Media, she is able to hone in on the value of storytelling in order to connect with consumers. Her offers aim to BUILD, PROMOTE, and PROTECT brands and their business owners. Mastermind students receive hands-on support in achieving their goals and can always count on a zero-fluff approach. Join the tribe and experience unique teaching strategies rooted in balance and creative joy!


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  • A New Meaning Behind Mastermind

    Focused on the PERSON behind the BRAND

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