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Why You Need A Theme To Win

Brand Development For Bosses

I Have So Many Business Ideas

Every single day, I have a new vision... idea... or creative outlet concept. It's invigorating! But it can also be very stressful. Having too many ideas usually means you are a super creative person. The super creative can be incredibly successful, but we have to find a way to structure the thoughts for actual productivity. 

We tend to think that being a free spirit is more "attractive" than being the OCD CEO. At the same time we admire people who are really organized and seem to have their life and business together. So what do we do? How do we tackle all the new ideas while organizing them into an actual plan that makes sense?

The Five Day Boss Brand Challenge

True story - I started hosting a challenge this week then realized I really needed to take my own advice! The Boss Brand Challenge is packed with tips and tricks to help you start your business in a big way. For my more seasoned entrepreneurs, this can also look like leveling and cleaning up your current operation. 

I've learned one major lesson on my journey to six-figure brand growth, and that is that we are ALWAYS learning. We can and should adjust our business plan often. We should call ourselves out when we slack on the plan and be willing to adjust in order to really win in business. 

Day 2 of the challenge is all about social media. Most of us know (no matter how much we love Instagram) that creating content is a huge task. Social media calendars might seem outside of your zone of genious... perhaps something you need to reserve for a marketing expert. This can be partly true for many of us, but should not be a deterrent. The more you create overlaps with your core business concepts and offerings, the more you will start to see that you already know and can do so much while working less. Cue, "work smarter not harder" quote. 🙃

Business + Content Themes

While I was planning my live trainings and email marketing sequence, I was hit hard by the ironic lesson - do not reinvent the wheel! Here I was with these clear and valuable emails breaking down five days worth of business tasks and challenges. This content suddenly jumped out as creative posts and reel concepts for Instagram. It inspired this blog article which will later be featured in my newsletter. 

Wow - this is it! Structure. I train clients to create themes after they've created their content pillars. The two are quite connected actually. Your content pillars are the main three - five categories of content you plan to share with your audience. A theme is how you can tame all those ideas. My theme for July is starting and refreshing your business. I'm focusing on templates, motivation, and the fundamental truths of entrepreneurs. 

My content pillars are:

  • The Legal Boss
  • The Social Boss
  • The Sales Boss
  • The Balanced Boss

These pillars fall under my main pitch and offer: Building and Legally Protecting Brands. 

So Let's Make This Into A Plan

There are millions of ways to do anything in business, but I am here to share what I've found successful. Monthly themes help structure launches, product features, podcast episodes, content, and more. So I suggest starting there. List out 6 - 12 theme ideas. My fitness coach client focuses on different body mobility exercises each month. I've been focusing on business stages and big event launches. This month is: starting the business and next month's theme is community

My next stage is structuring how I will repurpose all the things. Starting with the blog. This feels most logical because it is a long form piece of content. For you this could be your podcast or YouTube channel. 

Blog pieces will be repurposed to pinterest, and bi-monthly newsletters. They will also have their own IG post which will be supported by all the related posts from my pillars. Once your concepts have a purpose and plan, you can create a weekly schedule that enables more productivity. 

As soon as I decided to commit to themes, I knew where to put my energy and get things moving. This leads to creating themes in your day and schedule. I've built in "off days", creative batching days, and law firm days. No more last minute posting or guessing on what to talk about. 

We tend to feel like we don't know where to start or what to talk about. But we do! We have tons to talk about and many ways to start. 

What forms of structure do you rely on? 

More Guided Support

If you are at the stage where you're ready to take a bigger step, I'd love to hear from you. As a holistic business coach and lawyer, I've seen my share of strategy wins and losses. I love to channel all of these creative lessons into helping you thrive. From VIP Days, Group Masterminds, and 1:1 Sessions, I'm excited to see how I can support you and your business soon. 

Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this article and be sure to check out the services tab for updates on events and new offers. Best of luck with your business goals, catch me live on Clubhouse or Instagram. 

Written by: Olamide Michelle