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What I learned from 2020

Lessons From One Entrepreneur To Another

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Should I say it?

The highly overused statement of year, 2020 .. What a year?!

I know, I know. But it's a true. 2020 was a lot for pretty much everyone, and I definitely learned a lot in my business. Since you had to wait through last year's crazy ups and downs, I won't make you wait or scroll any longer for the juicy stuff. Let's dive right in!

1. Time Is Everything.

It is so important to use your time wisely. Your time is money and your life is not worth wasting. That's why building a business feels like a race - one where we seem to set a short timer for a distant finish line. But what if spending less time "working" was actually a better use of your time? Sounds counterintuitive, right?

This is the big lesson I had to learn after countless days of feeling guilty for being "unproductive". Writing out those massive to do lists then barely getting through the first three items on the list. Setting my intentions on making millions and feeling bad when I didn't activate hustle mode 24/7. I was burning myself out from the fear I wasn't working hard enough, and now I see I had it all wrong.

This week, I've been easing into the new year. Still shaking off the staycation vibes from the holidays and slowly leaning into the excitement of a new launch (The Boho Boss Academy), a new attitude, and new goals for for 2021.

During these few new year days, I've booked several new clients, calls, and even events. Why am I telling you this? Well for one - I was wrong. Working hard is important; it's a must! But overwhelm, fear, and confusion are an absolute no no. You're allowed to use your time for YOU, for rest, and to simply do "nothing".

The hard work I put in a few months ago has paid off through the referrals I've received from happy clients. The networking and collaborations has fostered the ability for me to gain new followers and media exposure, and the time invested on rest has inspired a refreshed sense of excitement, creativity, and clarity. We work better when we are not overworked! Last year taught me this, and 2021 is going to be filled with more grace for myself and more efficient use of my time actually spent working.

2. Spend The Money!

Here I go with the obscure misleading clickbait heading again 🙃

This lesson is one of my favorites because it ties in directly with one of the biggest obstacles for success as a business owner - Money Mindset. How we view money and feel about money affects our ability to make money. It's true! It might seem like being strict with your money enables you to save and slowly build wealth, but in reality you might be limiting your ability to really grow and thrive financially.

Making costly investments or even spending money at all can feel scary and almost dangerous. If you have not yet made the type of money you feel you need, investing can feel like a reckless use of the limited funds you currently have. If you have a clear sense of your finances, you'll realize you likely have the space to take a few chances and invest in things that will save you time and money or help you get more of it. That's exactly what happened to me this year.

I invested in apps like Calendly to organize my schedule and streamline my bookings. I relied on HoneyBook to essentially run my entire business, send out reminders to clients, and house my templates and client contracts. I also spent less than $100 to work with a Public Relations expert and booked a new client the day after a feature publication listed me as a top business coach! 

The takeaway? ... spending can indeed be reckless. But investing in quality products and services can be the very thing that finally gets you out of your own way! From hiring my first team members to trying out new applications, I learned he value of trusting that you can always make your investments worthwhile. So, spend the money girl! Buy the shoes, I mean business program 😉

3. Be A Routine Queen 👑

In the spirit of making the most of my time and money, I invested in a life design coach to help me implement improved systems, structure and organization. My word for 2021 is FOCUS. I learned that you can't be your best or do your best when you don't have a focused plan and the ability to focus in on the task at hand.

Once I limited distractions and switched up my routines, I started seeing how much more I was capable of. I have not always appreciated routines or structure, but now I absolutely love them. Set specific times aside to rest, to run, and even to be random. Structure won't kill your creative fire - it fuels it.

If you don't have a routine, I strongly encourage you to reconsider that decision today. You can check out some inspo on my Instagram Page in the highlights or on some of my routine reels.

Tell me about your favorite daily or weekly routine. I love learning new lifestyle tips from my community!

Moving Forward

So with 5 days of 2021 completed, I am excited to implement these lessons and so much more from last year. I am still focusing on always applying The Boho Method's core pillar: Balance, creating new systems, supporting other female brands through my investments, and always adding value with my time! One thing I can say I've already improved is my overall business plan.

The B.O.S.S Business Plan

If you're in a similar mood to make this year better than ever, business planning is likely on your list. I completely revamped my business plan and got a much clearer feel for who my ideal client is. Business planning doesn't have to feel generic or boring, and it definitely should not be something you toss to the side like an after thought. This is why I created the BOSS Business plan, designed to enable more doing and less planning!

Download your free template here:https: Your Free Business Plan!

Thanks so much for checking out this post and make sure to explore the BLOG and FREEBIE page for more resources.

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