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Mastering The Networking Game

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New Networking Events

I started "Let's get Coffee" this month to provide a fun and casual way for entrepreneurs to meet up. I thought it would be a no pressure networking experience and it turned out to be a better than expected! The first one took place on the first of March in Washington, DC and we had a great time discussing new business ideas, important business formation considerations, and tips for effectively running a business with family. But now with COVID-19 taking over everyone's lives not to mention keeping us inside, meeting at your local coffee shop for coffee is now out of the question!

Pivot During Crisis Mode

I've been talking a lot about how a change in plans is also a new chance for a new opportunities. Perspective is everything, and it's time to make the most out of a very difficult but temporary season. If your public speaking gig got cancelled or your pop-ups are now a no go, it is time to put on that creative thinking cap and discover effective ways to ADD VALUE and MAKE MONEY online.

With free social platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, it is easier than ever to expand your marketing efforts and connect with so many new people each day. Take your events to a Live Training or an Interactive Webinar. Don't let #socialdistancing become the demise of your business. Of course every business is different, and we should do all that we can tp support small businesses that do not have the same virtual alternatives. But if you can show up online you definitely need to start - like yesterday!

But First Coffee

I just finished a new live series #LiveatLunch on Public Speaking for business professionals. Every Monday in March I got on IG Live (genuinely used to be terrified to go live) to share tips on how to master the art of public speaking, business networking, and story telling. This was honestly great practice for me and has inspired me to take "Let's Get Coffee" virtual. No reason we can't make fancy coffees at home and hop on a Zoom call with other bosses. I'll be sharing all the deets very soon online. One thing that has turned me into a full latte making QUEEN is the Zulay Milk Frother. It's incredibly affordable and easy to use. I even used it to mix my Emergen-C (the raspberry flavor is everything!)

So make yourself a fancy cup of coffee, relax on the couch, and get to networking ONLINE. It's the new thing you're going to want to get used to!

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