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Six Steps To Boost Your Boss Energy

The Boss Brand Mastery For Entrepreneurs

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Well That Didn't Go As Planned...

I started 2020 feeling like I could take on the world. I just celebrated my birthday by going to Peru for a yoga retreat. Which, I should mention, was right after returning from Bali!

I know right - such an "eat pray love" move. I learned so much about myself and returned ready to put in the work for my business. I started following productive routines, practicing gratitude and joy frequently, and finally started to show up in my business. I strutted into 2020 with the resources and energy to succeed, and I was on a role.

Took a few trips in the first quarter, some were even for my business, and then QUARANTINE happened. Or I should really say COVID-19 happened. 😭


At first, it wasn't that bad (the working from home part). I was already used to #WFH vibes and working by myself. But then all of the sudden, things shifted. From random boredom to lack of motivation, I started to feel less and less BOSS like. I was spending way too much time analyzing the competition on social media and less time focusing on what made me so magical. I knew I needed to get myself in check and hit the reset button, so that's what Q4 is all about! 

2020 may not have included the in-person networking, travel, and adventure I had planned for, but there is still plenty of adventure to be had. Instead of letting stress and anxiety get the best of me, I've decided to dial back into the mindset that made Bali and Peru so incredible. It all starts with the mind and shows up in how we practice (live) daily. ✨

Six Steps You Can Start Today

If you are a service-based entrepreneur building your business online, you know that the industry can feel oversaturated or even isolating. The current social climate and lack of "normalcy" does not help the already difficult challenges of entrepreneurship. Despite all of this, we show up because this is our calling and we LOVE what we do. So in hopes to motivate you to keep showing up and doing it well, check out my Six Steps For Boosting Your Boss Energy below.

1. Ditch The Scarcity Mindset

To make sure we really can reflect on this fully, scarcity mindset is a way of thinking that suggests that there is not enough to go around. It is the complete opposite of abundance mindset and can be extremely limiting. This happens a lot when you take on work with a client who you know is NOT your ideal client. You’re more desperate than hungry for sales so you work with everybody in order to make sure you can make "enough". Working with anyone and everyone also leads to target market dilution, potential overwhelm, and a depletion of your time and resources.

You see, feeling like you there won't be another client or opportunity actually ensures that you are unavailable for the more ideal situation. We are what we believe. If you focus on feeling "poor" or lacking in something, you may find that to be your reality. Focusing on positivity and the possibility for more is a game changer.

I've found great success from leaning into my intuition and focusing on what feels aligned with my goals and desires as an entrepreneur. Share your wealth and opportunities with others, repeat a positive money affirmation in the morning, and focus on the FACT that there is enough - and you will have it in abundance. It might feel a little funny now, but try this for a week and see how motivated you feel to take action on what you've manifested!

Focus on what is meant for you and more if it will come 💫

2. Avoid Obsessive Comparisons

It' time to declutter your feed and comparison list. Comparing is an ironic concept. As a BOSS you should always know the market and industry. So you as a result you compare and recognize where your business idea of product falls within a certain context. This sort of comparison is helpful and many times can be inspiring as you discover more ways to both establish and also grow your brand.

But scrolling on Instagram for hours and hours only to find out that three different Ashleys have landed premium clients this week, your former entrepreneur buddy just launched a six-figure campaign, and every coach on the planet is making consistent $10k months .... well this where comparison goes wrong.

There is very thin line between general research and over comparison. We are our own worst critics, so when we see others soaring past us on the money plane, we start to let our ego get the best of us. We might feel jealous, frustrated, or defeated. This is not productive and no way to show up regularly (like a BOSS) in our business. Of course we are all different, but I find limiting the temptation to be extremely helpful.

Create structure in your day so you have little idle time to wallow and compare. Try to follow leads, your clients, and only a few "competitors". Fill your feed intentionally with inspo and support. You'll find social media is less destructive when curated. The biggest FOCUS should be on your strengths, and learning to improve on your offer daily. Don’t worry about her business and her success.

Let's write our own 202 success story 🙌🏾

3. Implement Structure

Yes, even a free spirited Boho BOSS like yourself needs a routine! Treat yourself like a kid with a bedtime and watch what happens. Create a simple morning routine, themes to categories your daily work activities and plan necessary breaks and self-care!

In order to show up, you need to be well rested and inspired. I didn't understand the value of structure at first, but the irony is that daily routines actually create the very freedom based business life you're dreaming about. 💜

4. Do The Work!

I think a little part of us each thought that entreprenuership would be slightly easier than reality. If you are reading this and considering joining the business owner tribe, then know that the instagram posts are not always the full picture.

Yes, you can create new opportunities for travel and freedom.

Yes, you control your own schedule and set your own deadlines...

But you cannot simply exist!

Showing up is only one step. You have to do the work and know what work needs to be done. This tip is quite simple and serves as the perfect reality check for those impatient moments where I don't get want I want. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, now I acknowledge how I could have done more. It's sounds negative - but the truth hurts! 🤣

It’s ok if you’re learning and growing, but don’t be upset when you don’t get the results you wanted after barely marketing, poorly preparing, and inconsistently networking with leads.

5. Have More Fun!

This applies to making time for self-care but also in your business. If you are hating certain tasks then it’s probably time to toss it and focus on your strengths or invest in better systems. This may also be and sign that it's time to build a team. Solopreneurship can totally work, but it is also valuable to assess your responsibilities vs. your capabilities. Make sure there is a healthy balance and be open to hiring employees to help you ✨

If you have not created some sort of mini vacation (or quarantine staycation) all year long, then let's make it a goal to have something fun planned for the upcoming weekend.

It's the little things that count.

6. Establish More Focus.

You ever feel like you have too many things you want to share or focus on? I do! All the time! This can feel fun and exciting, but what usually happens ends up looking like mass chaos. When thinking about your brand and your professional development, allow your audience to remember you for one (maybe 2 things).

I like to explain this using the cupcake analogy.

🧁Your main offer = the cupcake.

Having a clear brand focus will enable you to actually share your message more clearly and consistently. For example, I’m a lawyer but I’m also a business mentor.

AND a consultant, dancer, yogi, teacher, and speaker. Think about these added skills and attributes as the sprinkles ✨. You wouldn't serve someone a bunch of sprinkles. But a delicious cupcake with toppings, now we are talking!

Deciding how to niche down your cupcake won't limit your sales or following. In fact it will attract more of the right people. (See Tip Number 1)

Making these mindset and lifestyle shifts will enable you to improve your Boss Energy Practices, actually show up the way we envisioned for 2020.

There is still time!

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