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I'm Obsessed With Setting Myself Up For Success!

In my quest to master all the habits of wealthy and successful people, I decided to attempt my own 21-day challenge. Every study I've ever seen on that topic states that 21 days is what is required to create a real habit. So, I figured this would be a good number to start with. One of the things I really wanted to work on was reading. As a lawyer, I feel like my genuine LOVE of reading died somewhere around 1L year, but maybe I can change that!

Reading sparks curiosity and ideas. Reading improves writing and comprehension skills. AND reading is a much better way to start the morning than looking at Instagram posts online.

FIRST, I started with the #ReadTenChallenge. This was an Instagram challenge I invited others to participate in but with one catch - no prize! Well, there was a prize… more reading and hopefully a new formed habit. Most adults buy books and never finish them. My intention was to motivate people to read 10 pages each day as a reminder that reading is easy, fun, and so beneficial! Admittedly, I even struggled to commit to the challenge, but I eventually I kept at it!

During one of my morning readings, I came across this quote in The Psychology of Winning by Dr. Denis Waitley. Some other big social media moguls kept raving about this book, so I needed to know the Ten Qualities of a Total Winner really were!

Winners get behind the wheel, firmly in the driver's seat. Winners take control of their thoughts, their daily routines, their goals and their lives. They create their own horoscopes, and astrological forecasts. The spend their time Winning… knowing they have no time to Lose

This quote really spoke to me. The reason behind starting my business and making major shifts in my life was to create wealth, have a positive impact on others, and discover balance and joy in everything I do!

So here is a challenge for you. Can you think of 5 things you can commit to for 21 days? It can be as basic as drinking more water and as complex as creating a daily spreadsheet. Write it down, commit to it, and track your transformation.

My Five

  1. Making the bed
  2. Starting the day sans phone [at least thirty minutes]
  3. Daily walks and exercise
  4. Reading 10 pages DAILY
  5. Focusing on mantras and positive affirmations at the start and end of each day

Stay Connected

Let me know how it goes and stay tuned to learn what success develops from my journey! You can follow me on instagram @thebohobusinessguide for more.

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