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Leveraging LinkedIn

Using More Than One Social Media Platform

The "New" Old Thing

You know when your parents would always give you the same old advice. You know - the really obvious feedback and guidance that you almost felt insulted by to receive. I'd always think to myself, why are you even telling me this?

Despite how foolish one would be to not apply this advice, we would always somehow find ourselves in positions where we failed to remember the super obvious feedback our parents had been shoving down our throats for years. Well if you're following this, then you'll understand why LinkedIn is like that obvious advice you never acted on. It's a classic! It's been there for you for years, but you only use it to search for jobs or the occasional light stalking.

Why We Ignore LinkedIn

While you and I may be horrible about keeping a consistent LinkedIn social presence, LinkedIn has over "575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users". Maddy Osman - Kinsta contributor, shared an article earlier this year that really confirmed the advice I always give but hardly act on... USE LINKEDIN!

Perhaps we are just so used to LinkedIn being "the boring place" and Instagram the more exciting venue. Personally, I don't love Facebook but appreciate the value it gives for hosting groups. Each platform has its own unique benefits. We just have to explore them more in order to find the best uses for our brands. Instagram gives us that instant gratification we've all grown to adore but maybe we are missing out on some instant leads and cash elsewhere. So it's time to really try and pivot (especially now). Here are a few reasons why you should give LinkedIn another chance.

Passive Referrals

As I've helped my clients build their brands, I've been able to learn so many social media stats and tips. You might be more comfortable with Instagram but there is a reason why everyone is constantly complaining about the algorithm. It's like the Wizard of Oz. We're not sure what it is but we've got to get there. We must beat the algorithm. I've been informed by the IG gurus that such notions are actually a waste of time, but there ARE ways to improve visibility and engagement on Instagram. But that's a different blog, so let's get back on track.

The fact is that more people use LinkedIn than you might be aware of, and those people might actually want to buy what you're selling. When you post on Instagram, people can like your post but they have to take an extra step to share that content with their network. When someone simply likes your post on LinkedIn, their entire network can see your post. Suddenly you've doubled your exposure without even trying. At the end of the day, if you are a digital brand owner (or honestly any entrepreneur) the bottom line is exposure. The more people who know you exist the more likely you will not only reach your financial goals but also exceed them. So if you're still feeling skeptical, just try it out. If you've never posted or have minimal to no connections, you're going to want to change that asap and be patient with the response. But for everyone else, post something GOOD today and see how many people view and or like that post by the end of the month.

Conversation Starter

This one is simple. Because it's the OG platform for networking, there isn't much stigma around commenting on a million posts or sliding into someone's inbox. In fact, it is somewhat expected. I reached out to two very successful professionals when I started my business by sending a message on LinkedIn. Both women had no idea who I was but set up calls and provided super valuable insight.

I was able to connect with new people in different states and really grow as a professional all from the "boring platform". Imagine who else might be willing to chat with me AND you!

I recently had Natasha Alladina on my Instagram Live Series: Sips + Tips. Natasha is a recovering attorney and now a legal recruiter. Her platform of choice is obviously LinkedIn because of the reach she has been able to obtain through her consistent and quality content. She shared that she has actually met so many supportive new friends through chatting on posts and reaching out directly. Her presence on LinkedIn has really enabled her to grow in her business as well as a personal brand. I've seen her profile and post performance, and let's just say it gave me the motivation I needed to write this blog.

Diversified Reach

One of the more important reasons to use LinkedIn is to reach more people on different platforms. We've already discussed how your post might get more viewers in comparison to Facebook or Instagram but having completely different people discover your business and content is a game changer. Using both platforms actually increases your visibility to new and unique audience members - people who probably would never find you on IG. You don't want your audience to come from just one source. It is important to show up on at least two different platforms and provide high value. This way if Instagram or TikTok suddenly disappear or limit their functions, you can always rely on your LinkedIn connections and newsletter subscribers!

Don't Make It Weird

I know it is hard to believe - but if you run a professional brand on Instagram, you can show up with the same content on LinkedIn. Create a theme for your online presence, commit to some sort of frequency, and connect with the types of people you consider ideal clients or mentors.

Even if you end up giving up on LinkedIn, it's still worth a try. Consultants, Coaches, Recruiters, Writers, and Bloggers can really find a productive way to show up as experts in their field while connecting with new leads and community members. I've seen it done - it's possible!

After a wishy washy attempt to build my LinkedIn presence, I am finally taking the obvious advice and showing up more on LinkedIn. Connect with me :)

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