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Land Your Ideal Client

The Real Secret to Success

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Want to make more money this year?

Do you feel like you're desperately waiting on your next big client, your next big deal, or your next big sale? You have the right skills and an amazing website (that you paid way too much for), so where are they? You should be sold out, you should be booked, you should be rich by now!

If this feels familiar, you are not alone. Starting a business is one thing, but actually making money and "making it" is another. The clients are what keep you in business after all, so how do we find them? First, social media is the new norm and is key! If you are not utilizing the abundance of free platforms, you are definitely missing out. With that said, social media can also be deceptive. It can be scary and discouraging when the competition has thousands of followers and seems to be doing substantially better than you.

So let me remind you that image and perception are tricky. Don't let the image of success of others intimidate you, but more importantly don't take YOUR image for granted and the one you put out to the public. You remember the public, right? YOUR future clients. So how do we get them? Well, for me it has boiled down to one major thing - knowing my ideal client. That's right, you get to decide. It is your product or your specialized services, so who do you want to work with? This requires a little homework, but is totally worth the extra time. Let's write a few things out.

The Homework!

  • What's your pitch? We can keep that simple for now, but we basically want to identify in 5 or less words what you provide and for whom.
  • Who is this client? This is the more important part. Write down the ideal age range, lifestyle, whether or not the service is for men, women, or both, local or worldwide, and what types of issues you're going to solve for this person. 
  • Your Message. Take a look at your Instagram bio, FaceBook Business Page, and LinkedIn bio. Is your pitch clear? Is it relevant and appealing to the ideal client you described earlier? If not, let's start making revisions and revise until it sounds and feels right. Get feedback and once you feel good, leave it!
  • Seriously. Leave It! Ok, so maybe this is the most important part. Make sure your website and social messaging is solid. Make sure to execute a creative and consistent marketing plan, but once that is flowing and in place - let it be. Wait to watch it work, then let it continue to work and bring in the cash. After a certain point, you will know when it's time to add services or advance your media and marketing strategy. Don't allow the anxiety of waiting mess up a good thing before it gets started.

So that's the first step towards attracting your ideal client, but you might have more questions. If you found this interesting and want to dive deeper into your journey as an entrepreneur, I'd love to share some of my new online guides.

Thanks for reading! Tell me what would you like to see more of. I want to share content that you love. Make sure to subscribe below and never miss a new post.

Written by: Olamide Michelle

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