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Four TLC Moves For Your Brand

CEO Love

When we think about Valentine’s day we think of love and romance and maybe our love for other people. But in business, it’s so important to practice self-love and care. Let’s go ahead and say that it is ok to be selfish. After all, you are a leader braving this entrepreneurship journey in hopes of creating a life that you can love daily. So how do we show the CEO some tender love and care this season?

I love to plan out my “off-days”, PTO, and vacation in advance. If you were working for a traditional business, you would plan and know that you have something to look forward to. Just because you are in business for yourself does not change the fact that you still run a business - treat it and yourself as the real deal. If you have not already done so, let’s schedule at least one day dedicated just for YOU. One day for a spa day, a hike, a beach day, or whatever allows you to unwind and truly relax. You deserve it! 

Of course, protecting your peace of mind and loving yourself should be a daily practice. I love my mini rituals, daily boundaries, time blocks, and quarterly travel to switch things up. I benefit from the varied energy and interaction as well as all of the TLC I show myself as an employer, leader, and businesswoman. Five stars - I highly recommend it!

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Stay Alert 

This one might be a surprise to you. As a trademark attorney, I spend a ton of time helping brand builders determine whether or not their brand is set for trademark registration. This means that we need to assess the digital market for competitors and copies. One thing you can do to show your brand some love is to set a google alert. Something so simple could keep you informed of other key players who may be using your business name without your knowledge or permission. 

Timing is everything in the trademark world, so the sooner you know what’s up the better! I’ve set my alert for my name and my business name. It’s not just a trademark concern but also wanting to know when you may be mentioned in an article or other online publication. It’s free, so go ahead and knock this one out today. 

Share The Love 

It is a proven fact that helping others, giving gifts, and simply loving someone else can make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside as well - unless you're a sociopath. I always get psychopaths and sociopaths mixed up, but let’s just go ahead and say that neither is true for you. 

Solo entrepreneurship can be quite isolating, so we have to make the effort to create community and relationships that fill our cups. For this step, think about the people you value the most. 

It can be a friend, mentor, or even your business team. Write your business bestie a thank you note and let them know how valuable they have been in your journey. Expressing gratitude can really be so fulfilling for both parties and is a good habit to create early in business. Send your employees or interns a digital starbucks gift card and treat the team to morning lattes. If you’re feeling super generous, make a list of everyone’s birthday or upcoming milestones you want to celebrate as a team. Creating a professional environment where people feel seen and loved will make you feel so proud to be an incredible leader. Being your best allows you to feel your best. I don’t know about you, but that is definitely the type of love I want to foster in my daily life. 

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CEO Resume

Bragging gets such a bad rep, but highlighting your strengths in business should be encouraged. It’s time to shower yourself with some serious praise for this last step. Your business skills are so valuable and your expertise probably doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves. Sometimes when we know how to do something well or we have lived a dynamic life, we take the little things for granted. You assume more people know what you know or can do what you can do, and you’re WRONG. 


For our last TLC step, it’s time to create a beautiful love list of all your skills and credentials. Include recent accomplishments, talents (both in business and life), features, certifications, and whatever else you can think of. Nothing is off-limits. After completing what I like to call your CEO resume, take a moment to see how some of the things you’ve mastered don’t get advertised enough. Notice where some skills are more related to your profession or industry than you originally thought and consider how you may start to market yourself with this newfound awareness and confidence! There is no room for modesty when you are trying to show why someone else should care about your brand and business. 

Love your business enough to brag better this year and don’t feel bad about it!

So let me know which step needed the most work. I’d love to hear from you. If you’re not celebrating valentine’s day, remember every day is an opportunity to show yourself some love. 

Wishing you and your business so much success  ❤️


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