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Build Instagram Conten Like A Boss


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Help! I Hate Creating Content...

Sound familiar? Trust me, I get it. Building your own brand can feel like you are stuck on a never ending merry go round. You have no idea if you're doing it right or what to post each day. I'll tell you this much - randomly posting memes and pics you take on the spot is the not the way. You need a plan - an easy one (don't worry). You need strategy, tools, and good lighting!

Crazy enough, I used to avoid posting on social media. I felt like I didn't know what to post or didn't feel like sharing my life with the world. Boy have things changed! When you are building a business, hiding and adopting silly excuses is completely unacceptable. So once you finally get over being seen and you're ready to post daily in order to build a presence, generate leads, and make some money check out what's in my DIY content kit below!

My Calendar

I don't know about the other creative entrepreneurs out there, but I have the tendency of feeling a little scatterbrained. So many ideas constantly popping in and out of my head. Additionally, the many different roles and tasks to complete make it difficult to stay focused and consistent. Because consistency is key for branding online through social media, I map out my content in advance.

Pick a theme that ties back to your business and your weekly or monthly goal. The theme can shift each week or month, but you get to decide. Stick to it even when you feel like being indecisive. I link my phone calendar with Google and Calendly to make sure I keep everything organized. Map out the topics on your calendar and target specific goal dates, launches, and promotions.

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Yes, it's spelled Neewer and not newer. It's amazing and I promise you need it! You ever wonder how all the influencers and bloggers get so many stock images? Well you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on professional photography. You can take your own beautiful pictures just by staging your own space and setting up your favorite tripod ring light combo. I like to use the orange lens, the built in lamp light, plus natural sunlight. You won't always need all three, but it is fun to try different things each time. Set a phone timer or use the Neewer bluetooth remote. Change your look a few times, and VOILÁ - you have a month's worth of images. You only have to do your makeup once ladies. This is a serious game changer!


Map out your grid using Planoly. If you want to create a cute feed with a theme and style, it helps if you can see more than one post at a time. Planoly does that for you and also helps you save a whole lot of time. Set some time aside on the weekend or the start of each month for content creation. I like tot create new content every Monday but map things out on the weekend each week. Download this super easy to use app today and let Planoly auto post for you as well. It's easy to look like a pro online when you start working smarter and not harder.

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You've got the tools but still feel like you need a little guidance? Learn how we can create the right look and feel for your feed - a feed full of content that converts. Show your brand's personality and make money while still being your authentic self. The Boho Boss Content Sessions are designed to take the guess work out and enable you to be more confident and consistent online. Schedule your complimentary call today to learn more!

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